Here at Compton Computers, we can build, configure or even update your website, which ever you would like us to do. Listed below in the table, are the prices that give you a rough idea of what we charge.

Full Website Design & Hosting
Full Website Design
Website Updated
Free Domain Name Yes No No
Monthly Fee £30 £15 £N/A
Site Updates Yes Yes No
Additional Costs No No Yes

The Monthly Fees listed above include all the renewals. This includes: The SSL Certificate (Padlock on the website), The Domain and further hosting and minor changes and updates to the website. You Will NEVER have to pay anything else on top of this monthly fee, unless there is a significant change to the website. This will then be charged at an hourly rate of £30 Per Hour.

Websites That Have Been Completed

Click On Any Of The Website Names Below To Be Taken Directly To The Website. Click On The Pictures For A Larger Image.
Loyalty Connections Ltd Misfits K9 Services Adeva Home Improvement Ltd